Icon for project "MegaBO"MegaBO

Backoffice for the Strasbourg Electricité ES company if EDF, developped with Angular, sCSS, Java, Spring, Typescript

Icon for project "KNOD"KNOD

Event app and social network for persons aged 15 to 25, developed with React, PHP and React Native

Icon for project "Hager Edit Grid for CRM DYnamics 365"Hager Edit Grid for CRM DYnamics 365

Script and plugin for CRM Dynamics 365, developped in Typescript and javascript for Hager COmpany

Icon for project "Sportyma"Sportyma

Sportyma is a sports management platform, I developped landing page with Boostrap, Css and Twig in my traineeship.

Icon for project "Green Air ALsace"Green Air ALsace

Green in Air is a contributors driven global sensor network that creates Open Environmental Data.Our mission is to inspire and enrich people’s lives by offering a platform for the collective curiosity in nature that is genuine, joyful and positive. developped with C, React, M5stack et ESP32

Icon for project "Layer-Data"Layer-Data

Plateform and chart for data governance and consulting company, developped with React, CSS

Icon for project "Geo Reality Augmented App"Geo Reality Augmented App

Geo Reality Augmented App which is developped with unity, Vuforia and ARCore

Icon for project "Les compagnons d'espoir"Les compagnons d'espoir

Site web pour l'association Les compagnons d'espoir, solidarité, developpé en REACT JS

Icon for project "Convoyer"Convoyer

Convoyer developped with M5Stack and PHP API, and Dolibarr ERP/CRM

Icon for project "ELMESMAR"ELMESMAR

Think-Tank webzin for the geek and culture community, developped with Html, CSS, JS

Icon for project "Aquila"Aquila

Aquila association child protection website, developped with React, CSS

Icon for project "Gotham Time-manager"Gotham Time-manager

A time manager app for web and desktop, developped with Vue.js and Electron, and Elixir for the backend

Icon for project "Trojan Horse Game"Trojan Horse Game

Game developped with VueJs, Typescript and CSS, Cpp, Phaser and I designed all the Game

Icon for project "Cryptoze - Cryptocurrency tracker"Cryptoze - Cryptocurrency tracker

Website tracking cryptocurrencies, developped with React js and Exxpress js, Node js and MongoDB for the backend

Icon for project "Humaniteco"Humaniteco

Mag platform for the Humaniteco association, solidarity with the world, developped with Html, CSS, Tumblr

Icon for project "Pasha(ex aircampus)"Pasha(ex aircampus)

Mobile application for students, developped with React Native, Redux, CSS, Firebase, Retool (traineeship)

Icon for project "Quill's Keeper"Quill's Keeper

Platform for interactive stories, developped with Php, Html, Css, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, Mysql, Bulma, I worked with them in my traineeship.


Reproduction of the famous Advisor website, developped with React, CSS, Mangoose, Node.js, Express.js

Icon for project "Snake"Snake

Reproduction of the famous Snake game, developped with Mips, Assembly

Icon for project "Space Invaders"Space Invaders

Reproduction of the famous game Space Invaders, developped with MIPS Assembly

Icon for project "More"More

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